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Monday, December 12, 2011

#36 San Francisco (ZODIAC)

#36 San Francisco (front) #36 San Francisco (back) How do you know how good an old pal is? You know when he takes time away from developing biologically engineered plastics to dive deep enough into one of your creepy obsessions to accurately use the multiple-valued crypto-key of the zodiac killer in the creation of his arrow. Clem Fortman is such a friend.
Hey Mr. Mike I had hoped to make this a much more polished product. But alas, I'm spending all of my time trying to make you rich. You'll be happy to know that the ink came from a Sharpie™ left over from Shinders (don't tell Joel)
Thanks, buddy. The Speakeasy bottlecap would have been much more appreciated still attached to a full bottle. Now get back to work!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

#35 Principality of buZ

#35 Principality of Surrealville (front) #35 Principality of Surrealville (back) Russel Butler, alias buZ blurr, is an artist. You've probably seen his work without realizing it . . . while you are stopped at a train crossing. The pipe-smoking stetson-topped silhouette, known as the Colossus of Roads has appeared on thousands upon thousands of raillcars over the past 40 years. In celebration, he is reprinting his 1984 bookwork hoohoohobos-fotuitouslogos, "with an extensive one-of-a-kind addendum including images, interviews, artistamps, portraits and explanatory writing". For more information drop him a line at 908 E. Main Street / Gurdon, Arkansas 71743. If you have any old keys laying around, send them, too.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#34 Lynwood Blvd.

#34 Lynwood Blvd. Yes! A woodburned arrow from neighbors, the Jurewicz and Ritchie families.
"Lynwood Boulevard is not a street. It is an oasis from modern life. Neighbors talk to each other. Wildlife lives in the yard, not on television. And the only thing more despised than the squirrels are the mosquitoes. The older residents will tell you, if you are looking to buy a house here you might have to wait 30 years, because residents 'move on' before they move out."

#33 Salvation Home In Zambia

#33 Salvation Home in Zambia (front) #33 Salvation Home in Zambia (back) My pal, Kris Sibik, just returned from a three week stint in Southern Africa. One of the primary reasons for her trip was to visit Salvation Home in Zambia. She returned with great stories of kids who are successfully working hard to get a leg up against some pretty tough odds. She told of many class leaders heading to class each morning, proud in their white shirts and ties. Kris also brought back the most beautiful arrow to grace the M*A*S*H Pole. It was hand painted by a gifted young artist named Sunday. The rest of the kids at Salvation Home added their thumbprints.

From Kris
"My workmate Mike has constructed a M.A.S.H pole In his yard. If you send him an arrow, he will nail it to the pole and send you a numbered Mt Holly arrow in return. I asked him for an arrow in advance, hoping I could get some kids to make make an arrow in return. Carol called a family meeting and I explained the arrow project to the kids. The kids grabbed some scrap wood from a broken bunk bed and cut it into an arrow shape. Sunday is the resident artist so it was decided he would do the painting. He drew the design on paper first then got to work in the quiet of Carol's room. Meanwhile, the other kids grabbed paper and pencil and drew their own arrows and pictures of the family vehicle, the house, a bike. Then one by one, as they finished, they presented me with their signed drawings. What a gift! I checked in on Sunday and was amazed by his painting. Wow."

photo ©Kris Sibik

photo ©Kris Sibik
"We were fortunate to be able to meet these wonderful children and accompany Mama Carol to the markets in Lusaka. I am amazed by Carol's dedication to these children who so desperately need and deserve an advocate. If you would like to learn more about her work, visit"
"Notice the red Mt Holly arrow."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#32 Daniel Buren

#32 Daniel Buren Peter Haakon Thompson is one of the creators of the Art Shanty Projects. He is also my favorite Minneapolis area artist. His focus on audience engagement and the bold efficiency of his aesthetic is compelling and masterful. Peter created this arrow as an homage to French minimalist artist/architect Daniel Buren who incorporates stripes into his work. Thanks, Peter!

#31 Cribbageland

#31 Cribbageland Jordan Wiklund invited me to be a guest at his Cribbage in The Park event as part of the Walker Art Center's Open Field. I turned arrow #31 into a cribbage board and donated it as a giveaway. Check out Jordan's cribbage blog Cribbageland for all things cribbage.

Friday, August 19, 2011

#30 Pilot Knob

#30 Pilot knob

Spent a great weekend at the National Hobo Convention with John Nussbaum, Myra Mazzei We camped with our families at Pilot Knob State Park. Around the campfire one night, they gave me this arrow, perfect in its representation of the weekend - stained to look like a railroad shack plank, utilizing the font named hobo and marked with the hobo symbol for 'Safe Camp.'

#29 On Assignment - Walker Art Center Open Field Arrow Exchange

Mt. Holly Arrow #29 was exchanged for by this little dude from Iceland as part of Walker Art Center Open Field Arrow Workshop and Exchange that I ran on August 4th. His grandmother and sister and he worked for almost 2 hours crafting their beautiful arrows. More can be seen at the project website:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#28 Cabo De Palos

#28 Cabo De Palos

International arrow smuggler, Alfonso Moreno has been on assignment in Spain the past month. Aside from the arrow delivery, El Fonso has helped answer the question "How many Spaniards does it take to nail up an arrow?" The answer? Dos!
"Stephanie Curran, a very dear friend, Irish in origin but married to another Spaniardo and hence living in the peninsula for 20+ years, made this arrow of Cabo Palos out of some driftwood that the Mediterranean surf brushed in last week. It appears to be the remains of a handle that once held a hammer or an ax. As you can see, she also decorated it with some shells she picked up along the shoreline. With the help of my friend Jaime Bastos, I climbed up to the roof/terrace and nailed Mt Holly arrow #0028 with true NW orientation (this has the same lattitude as California so I think we should be good). We are enclosing pics of the GPS coordinates as well as some other graphic proof."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

#27 On Assignment - Walker Art Center Open Field Arrow Exchange

I've been working on a project for Walker Open Field exploring the trading of arrows. The first workshop was in July. Arrow #27 is heading to Philadelphia as part of the exchange.

The last arrow workshop is tonight (Thursday August 4th, 2011). Come to the Walker Art Center tonight and bring or make an arrow to exchange. Maybe you will get #28.

Here is the website for more information on the project W*A*L*K*E*R Pole.

#26 - On Assignment - South Pole Station, Antarctica.


My pal and writer, Jason Thomas is one of a three man team setting out this winter to break the world record for reaching the pole by land. The current record: 67 hours. Their goal: 48. Jason offered up the idea of bringing a Mt. Holly arrow along for the journey. How cool is that.

Follow Jason's preparation and journey on his blog Access Antarctica.

Monday, June 13, 2011

#25 Madrid

#25 Madrid

Here's an arrow to the city where I was born and that saw me grow up: Madrid. The coat of arms shows the symbol of the city, which is a bear reaching out to a madrone tree. Some people think the name of the city derives from the word 'madrone' but not so. It actually comes from the Arab word 'Magerit.' (ed. 'Place of Many Streams')

When I was a kid I was told that the fruit of the madrone produced a certain drunkenness when ingested excessively but that turned out, in time, to be yet another line of bullshit from my elders.

Anyway, I don't know about the dumbfucks currently running the city but I know I speak on behalf of my fellow 'MadrileƱos' when I say that it is an honor to be acknowledged by the great burgh of Mount Holly. Send me your arrow and I'll make sure it finds a place where the vandals can't fuck with it.

El Fonso

Thursday, June 2, 2011

#24 Bonetown

#24 Bonetown

Dear Dickweeds,

I present to you my Mount Holly M.A.S.H. pole offering. I think most of us “adults” know what the little berg known as Bonetown is all about, but let me pollinate your memories a bit for shits and giggles.

The origin of the term Bonetown stems from the BMX track behind the St. Mary’s Point Ice Arena. That’s where my gang of pre-pubed misfits used to shred. It’s also where Stip and Fish used to smoke ditch weed. They were the older dudes.[1]

On occasion, Stip would bring girls to Bonetown. Literally and figuratively. I didn’t think much of the steamed up Camaro at the time, but I do recall being a bit perturbed that girls were on the premises harshin’ our tabletop sessions.

The familiar term of Bonetown popped into my head years later­­­--when I popped my cherry. Instead of a word used to describe the down-and-out thrasher days of yore, Bonetown was now secret code for carnal. A one-horse town comprised solely of pre-mature groping, French kissin’, and acid-washed zipper fiddlin’. If you made it to Bonetown, you were sure to get high-fives from the bros.

I’m 35 years old and I still describe sex this way.

May the Bonetown arrow always point straight to bedazzled asses, inebriated nymphs, and the rockabilly chick with the incurable case of daddy issues.


Casey Brewer
[1] Context: I first heard Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" blaring out of Stip's 1979 Camaro.

Monday, May 23, 2011

#23 H. H. Hideout

#23 H. H. Hideout

This beautifully crafted arrow (durable, brilliant yellow traffic paint, the information painted on both sides commanding a new perpendicular mounting technique.) was crafted by Cam Gross in the fine workshop known as The H. H. Hideout. Not, however, the original H. H. Homestead.

The original 'hideout' was the workshop of Cam's grandfather, Harry Heinz Gross. I've listened to the descriptions of Harry's shop and the fine woodwork created there. The original shop is gone, however, Harry's original shop sign and his passion for building things for the people one loves have been passed on to his grandson, Cam. I have no doubt to be passed along yet again.

I'm envious of Cam's well-stocked workbench. Is that a Snap-on or a
Craftsman brand stogie? I've personally always opted for the cheap
brush cleaner, but I've heard Knob Creek does a spectacular job.

Thanks Cam. And, thanks, Harry.

#22 Hoodoo Pt.

Hoodoo Pt.

A few years back, my pal, Jen Helm invited my family and I to visit her family's 100+ year-old homestead.

Alone, on a road out of town, stands two well-maintained yet never modernized buildings. One, a home heated by an old wood cooking stove and ancient fuel oil salon heater. The other, an outhouse. That road is Hoodoo Point Road.

It's truly amazing to find a family who has held onto their humble family home over generations and generations; sleeping on the same ancient lumpy farm beds in the same heavy hand-made bedding in amazing comfort as their grandparents had decades ago and making the 'midnight run' down the same path, enjoying the same view that their own parents enjoyed when they were just kids. These are good things.

Thanks for the great experience and the great arrow, Jen.

Arrow Request - Cave

Check out this beaut, spotted just outside Spring Valley, MN on a trip to Mystery Cave this weekend. The ease of painting the point and vane over actually cutting them should be noted. Smart.

Mystery Cave was discovered in 1937 and commercialized in short form thereafter. I'm guessing by the looks of this arrow that it is original and from its first years in operation making it around 70 years old. The original must stay where it is to continue its valuable work. If you can get the family who lives near this sign or the folks at the state park (where they have a more pristine version on display) to replicate the sign, it would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The M*A*S*H Pole is Live

The First 20

Thanks to the first 20 arrow senders. There's still plenty of room. Send yours in and we can trade!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

#20 Presho, SD

#20 Presho, SD

Al Dickman sent in this, the as-so-far longest and first Westerly facing arrow on behalf of the business he runs with his buddy Garrett Garnos The Medicine Breaks Pheasant Outfitters.

Last fall, between whiskey shots, ZZ Top air-guitaring and some friendly yet heated political pontificating, Al and Garrett introduced me to the fine art of pheasant hunting. We must have seen 300 birds a day while walking through some of the most beautiful prairie breaks in South Dakota.

From Al:

"Enclosed is our humble contribution to your MASH pole. It is crafted of the finest pine found lying around our basement and was carefully painted with knock off brand Q-tips. The feathers may require a dab of glue or some shit to ensure they survive the harsh climate your berg is known for. I opted for just Presho as opur business's name is quite wordy, but that will happen when the owner is a long-winded attorney. Should the feathers blow away or just get mangy you can replace them with a fresh kill of your own after you're out here dropping cocks this fall.

Best wishes to you and your community."

It should be noted that the packaging for the tail feathers included a note stating, "you know where to stick this." Indeed. Indeed, I do.

Thanks, gentleman, see you in the fall.

Friday, April 22, 2011

#21 Boston


Green-blooded Celtics fan, true-Bostonian, and damn-fine creative, Dan O'Donnell, sent this perfect-on-so-many-levels arrow. It is so perfect, in fact, that I bumped it up a number to #21.

Why #21? Well, check out the dig scrawled on the back of this Celtics jersey green and white arrow.

#21 - Boston (back)

Now, since I need to send Dan an arrow in return, I feel it is only fair to send him Arrow #21 which was the jersey number of Celtic, Kevin Garnett during his stint as a Minnesota Timberwolf.

There you go, Dan, that's twice now that Minnesota has had to send '21' to Boston. I hope you're happy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Arrow Request - Comfy Area

Check out the swell "COMFY AREA" arrow in this great Ivor Cutler video about shoplifters. If anyone on staff at the Old Grey Whistle Test or the Ivor Cutler archives can dig this arrow up for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#18 Jersey City

#18 Jersey City

Ah, Jersey City, home of my old college radio pal Robin Edgerton. I haven't seen Robin in over 20 years, when she left the Midwest for The Big Apple. Sad. But, I have heard her on a couple of occasions, when she's pulled shifts at my favorite radio station in the world WFMU which also, coincidentally, broadcasts from Jersey City.

This arrow's tenderly gilded lettering glistens upon its luxurious, velvety cobalt background. But true to the rusting, industrial nature of Jersey City, beneath the surface of this arrow beats a heart of garbage.

I like to think that perhaps this little piece of wood spent time in the same dumpster with a mob snitch. Did I miss anything, Robin?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#17 Heaven / Hell

#17 Heaven / Hell

12-year-old, Charlie Christakos is brilliant. And, by brilliant, I mean he makes many good points. The first two are at either end of this arrow.

If there are two destinations that are more contemplated by the denizens of planet Earth, you better make an arrow and send it.

By creating an arrow that points up and down instead of north/south/east/west, Charlie added a Z axis to the mashpole bringing it into the third dimension! Good points indeed!

Speaking of 3D, Charlie also made a couple more good points when he was talking me through his foray into 3D modeling software.

"I was going to borrow a book called 'Blender for Dummies' from the library. There are two reasons why I ended up not checking out the book. The first reason is that they didn't have it. The second reason is that I'm no dummy."

Good luck building your light cycle and thanks for the arrow, Charlie.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

#16 Marla

#16 - Marla

Marla makes her third appearance on the blog and her second on the pole with this awesome metal patina arrow featuring more goodies from the Shakopee Trading Post: watch faces and clock hands pointing the way to her house! This one is sure to keep looking better with age.

Thanks, again and again, Marla.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

#15 Shakopee Trading Post


Marla swung by tonight and swapped this amazing buffalo shoulder blade arrow for one of my little red ones. This arrow features some excellent hand lettering and even a little good luck horseshoe hand bent to fit by Marla's father Marlon.

The Estenson family run trading post is a secret treasure a mere .64 miles from the Mt. Holly city limits, jam-packed with beautiful vintage and modern Native American crafts and jewelry.

Shakopee Trading Post

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#14 Disappointment

#14 Disappointment

In a beautiful, lighthearted manner, this double-ended arrow reminds us all to expect very little from the world around us, and to thoroughly relish any amazement. An appropriate lesson from two amazing folks, Bridget Deenihan and Jonathan Kosik, who do a lot to make the world an interesting place, despite being weighted down in The World's Epicenter of Disappointment: Orlando, Florida.

Thank you both for the tremendous disappointment.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I didn't do this, honest.

The coffee joint at Best Buy HQ, where I have been doing a lot of work lately, underwent a redesign over the last two weeks. Part of this redesign is the addition of this blackboard-based kiosk, complete with mashpole arrows.

As we were heading to the cafeteria for lunch today, one of my co-workers pointed out that someone wrote Mt. Holly on one of the chalkboard arrows. I know he's just being coy, so I'll thank the whole crew at Best Buy Open for making my Monday.