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Thursday, October 27, 2011

#35 Principality of buZ

#35 Principality of Surrealville (front) #35 Principality of Surrealville (back) Russel Butler, alias buZ blurr, is an artist. You've probably seen his work without realizing it . . . while you are stopped at a train crossing. The pipe-smoking stetson-topped silhouette, known as the Colossus of Roads has appeared on thousands upon thousands of raillcars over the past 40 years. In celebration, he is reprinting his 1984 bookwork hoohoohobos-fotuitouslogos, "with an extensive one-of-a-kind addendum including images, interviews, artistamps, portraits and explanatory writing". For more information drop him a line at 908 E. Main Street / Gurdon, Arkansas 71743. If you have any old keys laying around, send them, too.

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