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Monday, June 13, 2011

#25 Madrid

#25 Madrid

Here's an arrow to the city where I was born and that saw me grow up: Madrid. The coat of arms shows the symbol of the city, which is a bear reaching out to a madrone tree. Some people think the name of the city derives from the word 'madrone' but not so. It actually comes from the Arab word 'Magerit.' (ed. 'Place of Many Streams')

When I was a kid I was told that the fruit of the madrone produced a certain drunkenness when ingested excessively but that turned out, in time, to be yet another line of bullshit from my elders.

Anyway, I don't know about the dumbfucks currently running the city but I know I speak on behalf of my fellow 'MadrileƱos' when I say that it is an honor to be acknowledged by the great burgh of Mount Holly. Send me your arrow and I'll make sure it finds a place where the vandals can't fuck with it.

El Fonso

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