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Monday, May 23, 2011

#23 H. H. Hideout

#23 H. H. Hideout

This beautifully crafted arrow (durable, brilliant yellow traffic paint, the information painted on both sides commanding a new perpendicular mounting technique.) was crafted by Cam Gross in the fine workshop known as The H. H. Hideout. Not, however, the original H. H. Homestead.

The original 'hideout' was the workshop of Cam's grandfather, Harry Heinz Gross. I've listened to the descriptions of Harry's shop and the fine woodwork created there. The original shop is gone, however, Harry's original shop sign and his passion for building things for the people one loves have been passed on to his grandson, Cam. I have no doubt to be passed along yet again.

I'm envious of Cam's well-stocked workbench. Is that a Snap-on or a
Craftsman brand stogie? I've personally always opted for the cheap
brush cleaner, but I've heard Knob Creek does a spectacular job.

Thanks Cam. And, thanks, Harry.

#22 Hoodoo Pt.

Hoodoo Pt.

A few years back, my pal, Jen Helm invited my family and I to visit her family's 100+ year-old homestead.

Alone, on a road out of town, stands two well-maintained yet never modernized buildings. One, a home heated by an old wood cooking stove and ancient fuel oil salon heater. The other, an outhouse. That road is Hoodoo Point Road.

It's truly amazing to find a family who has held onto their humble family home over generations and generations; sleeping on the same ancient lumpy farm beds in the same heavy hand-made bedding in amazing comfort as their grandparents had decades ago and making the 'midnight run' down the same path, enjoying the same view that their own parents enjoyed when they were just kids. These are good things.

Thanks for the great experience and the great arrow, Jen.

Arrow Request - Cave

Check out this beaut, spotted just outside Spring Valley, MN on a trip to Mystery Cave this weekend. The ease of painting the point and vane over actually cutting them should be noted. Smart.

Mystery Cave was discovered in 1937 and commercialized in short form thereafter. I'm guessing by the looks of this arrow that it is original and from its first years in operation making it around 70 years old. The original must stay where it is to continue its valuable work. If you can get the family who lives near this sign or the folks at the state park (where they have a more pristine version on display) to replicate the sign, it would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The M*A*S*H Pole is Live

The First 20

Thanks to the first 20 arrow senders. There's still plenty of room. Send yours in and we can trade!