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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#18 Jersey City

#18 Jersey City

Ah, Jersey City, home of my old college radio pal Robin Edgerton. I haven't seen Robin in over 20 years, when she left the Midwest for The Big Apple. Sad. But, I have heard her on a couple of occasions, when she's pulled shifts at my favorite radio station in the world WFMU which also, coincidentally, broadcasts from Jersey City.

This arrow's tenderly gilded lettering glistens upon its luxurious, velvety cobalt background. But true to the rusting, industrial nature of Jersey City, beneath the surface of this arrow beats a heart of garbage.

I like to think that perhaps this little piece of wood spent time in the same dumpster with a mob snitch. Did I miss anything, Robin?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#17 Heaven / Hell

#17 Heaven / Hell

12-year-old, Charlie Christakos is brilliant. And, by brilliant, I mean he makes many good points. The first two are at either end of this arrow.

If there are two destinations that are more contemplated by the denizens of planet Earth, you better make an arrow and send it.

By creating an arrow that points up and down instead of north/south/east/west, Charlie added a Z axis to the mashpole bringing it into the third dimension! Good points indeed!

Speaking of 3D, Charlie also made a couple more good points when he was talking me through his foray into 3D modeling software.

"I was going to borrow a book called 'Blender for Dummies' from the library. There are two reasons why I ended up not checking out the book. The first reason is that they didn't have it. The second reason is that I'm no dummy."

Good luck building your light cycle and thanks for the arrow, Charlie.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

#16 Marla

#16 - Marla

Marla makes her third appearance on the blog and her second on the pole with this awesome metal patina arrow featuring more goodies from the Shakopee Trading Post: watch faces and clock hands pointing the way to her house! This one is sure to keep looking better with age.

Thanks, again and again, Marla.