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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#18 Jersey City

#18 Jersey City

Ah, Jersey City, home of my old college radio pal Robin Edgerton. I haven't seen Robin in over 20 years, when she left the Midwest for The Big Apple. Sad. But, I have heard her on a couple of occasions, when she's pulled shifts at my favorite radio station in the world WFMU which also, coincidentally, broadcasts from Jersey City.

This arrow's tenderly gilded lettering glistens upon its luxurious, velvety cobalt background. But true to the rusting, industrial nature of Jersey City, beneath the surface of this arrow beats a heart of garbage.

I like to think that perhaps this little piece of wood spent time in the same dumpster with a mob snitch. Did I miss anything, Robin?

1 comment:

  1. actually the garbage arrow was from wood rescued from construction garbage from the remodeling of a dive bar into an upscale restaurant, unfortunately--which is even more typical of jersey city, lately!