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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#40 Wakayamaken Wakayamashi Wakauranishi

#46 Wakayamaken Wakayamashi Wakauranishi Not only is this arrow the longest in dimensions, it also carries the longest name. Exchange student Naho's Wakayamaken Wakayamashi Wakauranishi arrow is also the first received pointing to Asia! Every citizen of Mt. Holly has at one time or another longed to travel to Japan. Could this be the first step of forming a bond of goodwill with an international sister city? Thank you, Naho!

#39 SCSU

#45 SCSU I had the pleasure of advising Keith Christensen's design systems class at St. Cloud State University this past spring. Keith is an amazing designer and thinker with a passion for game systems and social change. It shows in the thinking of his students which is very beautiful and very conscious. Keith brought this arrow over for me as a bit of a souvenir of my time at the school. Thanks, sir.