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Monday, May 23, 2011

#23 H. H. Hideout

#23 H. H. Hideout

This beautifully crafted arrow (durable, brilliant yellow traffic paint, the information painted on both sides commanding a new perpendicular mounting technique.) was crafted by Cam Gross in the fine workshop known as The H. H. Hideout. Not, however, the original H. H. Homestead.

The original 'hideout' was the workshop of Cam's grandfather, Harry Heinz Gross. I've listened to the descriptions of Harry's shop and the fine woodwork created there. The original shop is gone, however, Harry's original shop sign and his passion for building things for the people one loves have been passed on to his grandson, Cam. I have no doubt to be passed along yet again.

I'm envious of Cam's well-stocked workbench. Is that a Snap-on or a
Craftsman brand stogie? I've personally always opted for the cheap
brush cleaner, but I've heard Knob Creek does a spectacular job.

Thanks Cam. And, thanks, Harry.

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