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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#33 Salvation Home In Zambia

#33 Salvation Home in Zambia (front) #33 Salvation Home in Zambia (back) My pal, Kris Sibik, just returned from a three week stint in Southern Africa. One of the primary reasons for her trip was to visit Salvation Home in Zambia. She returned with great stories of kids who are successfully working hard to get a leg up against some pretty tough odds. She told of many class leaders heading to class each morning, proud in their white shirts and ties. Kris also brought back the most beautiful arrow to grace the M*A*S*H Pole. It was hand painted by a gifted young artist named Sunday. The rest of the kids at Salvation Home added their thumbprints.

From Kris
"My workmate Mike has constructed a M.A.S.H pole In his yard. If you send him an arrow, he will nail it to the pole and send you a numbered Mt Holly arrow in return. I asked him for an arrow in advance, hoping I could get some kids to make make an arrow in return. Carol called a family meeting and I explained the arrow project to the kids. The kids grabbed some scrap wood from a broken bunk bed and cut it into an arrow shape. Sunday is the resident artist so it was decided he would do the painting. He drew the design on paper first then got to work in the quiet of Carol's room. Meanwhile, the other kids grabbed paper and pencil and drew their own arrows and pictures of the family vehicle, the house, a bike. Then one by one, as they finished, they presented me with their signed drawings. What a gift! I checked in on Sunday and was amazed by his painting. Wow."

photo ©Kris Sibik

photo ©Kris Sibik
"We were fortunate to be able to meet these wonderful children and accompany Mama Carol to the markets in Lusaka. I am amazed by Carol's dedication to these children who so desperately need and deserve an advocate. If you would like to learn more about her work, visit"
"Notice the red Mt Holly arrow."

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