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Friday, August 19, 2011

#30 Pilot Knob

#30 Pilot knob

Spent a great weekend at the National Hobo Convention with John Nussbaum, Myra Mazzei We camped with our families at Pilot Knob State Park. Around the campfire one night, they gave me this arrow, perfect in its representation of the weekend - stained to look like a railroad shack plank, utilizing the font named hobo and marked with the hobo symbol for 'Safe Camp.'

#29 On Assignment - Walker Art Center Open Field Arrow Exchange

Mt. Holly Arrow #29 was exchanged for by this little dude from Iceland as part of Walker Art Center Open Field Arrow Workshop and Exchange that I ran on August 4th. His grandmother and sister and he worked for almost 2 hours crafting their beautiful arrows. More can be seen at the project website:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#28 Cabo De Palos

#28 Cabo De Palos

International arrow smuggler, Alfonso Moreno has been on assignment in Spain the past month. Aside from the arrow delivery, El Fonso has helped answer the question "How many Spaniards does it take to nail up an arrow?" The answer? Dos!
"Stephanie Curran, a very dear friend, Irish in origin but married to another Spaniardo and hence living in the peninsula for 20+ years, made this arrow of Cabo Palos out of some driftwood that the Mediterranean surf brushed in last week. It appears to be the remains of a handle that once held a hammer or an ax. As you can see, she also decorated it with some shells she picked up along the shoreline. With the help of my friend Jaime Bastos, I climbed up to the roof/terrace and nailed Mt Holly arrow #0028 with true NW orientation (this has the same lattitude as California so I think we should be good). We are enclosing pics of the GPS coordinates as well as some other graphic proof."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

#27 On Assignment - Walker Art Center Open Field Arrow Exchange

I've been working on a project for Walker Open Field exploring the trading of arrows. The first workshop was in July. Arrow #27 is heading to Philadelphia as part of the exchange.

The last arrow workshop is tonight (Thursday August 4th, 2011). Come to the Walker Art Center tonight and bring or make an arrow to exchange. Maybe you will get #28.

Here is the website for more information on the project W*A*L*K*E*R Pole.

#26 - On Assignment - South Pole Station, Antarctica.


My pal and writer, Jason Thomas is one of a three man team setting out this winter to break the world record for reaching the pole by land. The current record: 67 hours. Their goal: 48. Jason offered up the idea of bringing a Mt. Holly arrow along for the journey. How cool is that.

Follow Jason's preparation and journey on his blog Access Antarctica.