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Monday, May 23, 2011

#22 Hoodoo Pt.

Hoodoo Pt.

A few years back, my pal, Jen Helm invited my family and I to visit her family's 100+ year-old homestead.

Alone, on a road out of town, stands two well-maintained yet never modernized buildings. One, a home heated by an old wood cooking stove and ancient fuel oil salon heater. The other, an outhouse. That road is Hoodoo Point Road.

It's truly amazing to find a family who has held onto their humble family home over generations and generations; sleeping on the same ancient lumpy farm beds in the same heavy hand-made bedding in amazing comfort as their grandparents had decades ago and making the 'midnight run' down the same path, enjoying the same view that their own parents enjoyed when they were just kids. These are good things.

Thanks for the great experience and the great arrow, Jen.

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