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Monday, December 12, 2011

#36 San Francisco (ZODIAC)

#36 San Francisco (front) #36 San Francisco (back) How do you know how good an old pal is? You know when he takes time away from developing biologically engineered plastics to dive deep enough into one of your creepy obsessions to accurately use the multiple-valued crypto-key of the zodiac killer in the creation of his arrow. Clem Fortman is such a friend.
Hey Mr. Mike I had hoped to make this a much more polished product. But alas, I'm spending all of my time trying to make you rich. You'll be happy to know that the ink came from a Sharpie™ left over from Shinders (don't tell Joel)
Thanks, buddy. The Speakeasy bottlecap would have been much more appreciated still attached to a full bottle. Now get back to work!

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