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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#42 The Rein's (Cardiff, CA)

#42 - The Rein's

Hot damn, if this arrow doesn't raise the bar for workmanship!

This cobalt blue surfboard arrow comes all the way from the Pacific Coast. Kurt Rein grew up a stones throw from Mt. Holly and headed west chasing tasty waves. Kurt found his flatlander's Shangri La on the beaches North of San Diego. In the process found a beautiful wife and fathered a pretty rad little dude.

Kurt introduced me to The Sandwich Club which was one of the turning points of my life in the early oughts. Now I'm doubley indebted to him.

 Shaka, brah. Thanks for the fine work.

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  1. Glad I can help lost Mt Holly visitors find surf and sun just a few thousand miles away.