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Thursday, March 29, 2012

#44 Bernier's Rink

#44 Bernier's Rink
According to, an online hockey fights database, John T. Bernier is loved by none and hated by none. Although that seems a pretty sweet spot to be in, the lone rogue, unattached, the stats are inaccurate. I love the dude.

The stats, however, do tell one truth: During his one season with the Rochester Mustangs (91-92) and two with the Sioux City Musketeers (92-94), he never got in a fight. That doesn't mean he couldn't have. It's a good thing John packs one huge heart.

Aside from making this brute of a polycarbonate arrow, John has built a backyard rink for 'his kids' and also a penalty box full of picture frames out of recycled, busted hockey sticks.

This arrow has been pro-numbered to #44, one of the numbers John wore in his semi-pro days. Thanks, buddy.

 UPDATE!!!! I knew the stats were bunk. Here's John (#14) clocking a couple of knuckleheads back in '93.


  1. That website lies, proof, just ask the guy on the receiving end of one of these bombs from me, in white:

    1. Ha! Awesome. Updating the post. Don't hit me.

  2. Well written. Bernier is the nicest badass I've ever met. The grainy asswhooping VHS footage doesn't quite show the gentle side of him.